Heading West

I’m excited to finally be in Ohio, the farthest west I’ve been since I started this RV trek.  It’s a bit of serendipity that my ancestors settled near Columbus, the state capital, because that’s where all the genealogical goodies are!

Several branches of my father’s family converged here in the very early 1800’s.  The Beers and Young families came from Morris County, New Jersey, soon after the Revolutionary War, and the Usticks came from Washington County, Pennsylvania a few years later.  Members of my family were the first permanent white settlers in Knox County, according to the local history books.  More on that in a future post.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be staying at a campground about an hour north of Columbus; my campsite is directly on a sweet little river.

View of the river from my campsite

I spent last week in Pittsburgh at the annual conference of the Federation of Genealogical Societies, which was fantastic!  It started with “Society Day” on Wednesday, which was full of terrific topics on managing a society.  The conference wasn’t as crowded as others I’ve attended, which was great, considering that all the excellent national speakers were there.   It was a packed schedule, going from 8 am to 6 pm each of the four days.  I took advantage of several lectures on research in Ohio – perfect timing!

Before leaving Albany on August 28th, I drove my car down to Newtown, Pennsylvania to see my son Kyle, who arrived there from Seattle around August 15th.  Thanks to my dear friend Agnes for putting me up (or is it putting up with me?) for a couple of nights!

The trip was also my last opportunity to offload more stuff into storage, and my little Mini was packed!  I had two huge garbage bags full of clothes, which must have weighed 50 pounds each, plus several tubs of genealogy files.  I did finally finish my scanning project, so I no longer have to lug around all the original paper files.

Kyle and I had a terrific visit.  He was on the road by himself for his birthday earlier in the month, so we had a belated celebration by going out to a nice dinner near his apartment in Warrington.  He started his new job the day I arrived, so I visited him at his office the next day, and that night we went shopping for some work clothes for him, followed by another dinner out.  I miss my boy!!

I recently reconnected with Kris, a very close friend from graduate school.  We were roommates and did everything together – same two majors, same classes, same parties.  She’s lived in Virginia all these years, and I honestly don’t know why we didn’t stay in closer touch.  But after a four hour phone conversation, which wasn’t even long enough, we decided we had to see each other before I left the area, so we met at a hotel in Wilmington, Delaware for a night.  What a blast!  I just love her!  Here’s a picture:

Chris and Kris!

So now I’m heading westward into unfamiliar territory.  With no distractions, I’ll be able to delve into my family’s history in each new location.  I’ll post details of my fall schedule soon!

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