Fun in Vermont!

I loved my time in Vermont!!  I may not have gotten a lot of research done (see previous post), but I had a ton o’ fun and the area was stunning.  Here’s a picture of my campsite:

My campsite at Waterhouses Campground, Lake Dunmore, Vermont

I stayed at Waterhouses Campground and Marina, which was very wooded and you had to go over a sweet little stream to get to my site:

Stream going through campground

But the best part was Lake Dunmore – the campground is also a beach and marina:

Beach at Waterhouses
Marina at Waterhouses
Lake Dunmore from Waterhouses Marina

No wonder I was a little distracted from my research work, right?!?

My best friends from childhood, Carol and Debbie, came to visit me for three nights.  It was so exciting for me to have guests and I love being with my sistas!!  There’s a little restaurant on the water called Paddler’s Pub, which is part of the marina, and we had some great times there having cocktails and a couple of meals.  And we had fun just hanging around the campfire, too.

Campfire at Waterhouses

We also rented a pontoon boat for a day.  Our childhood home was in Massapequa, Long Island, New York, in a section called Nassau Shores, which was on the Great South Bay.  Deb actually lived in a house right on the water.  So we all were familiar with boating from a young age, but none of us had driven one in many years.  It was quite an adventure and a memorable day! Here’s a picture of me on the boat:

Chris on the boat at Lake Dunmore

During my last weekend there, I visited some very old and very dear friends in Burlington.  I’ve known Jeff since I was 20 years old, and his wife Dawn for almost as long, but I haven’t seen them in decades.  I actually introduced them, and it was great to see them still so happily married after thirty years.  Amazingly, it felt natural and comfortable to be with them, even after all this time.  I love them!

They took me out to a fabulous dinner, and then we watched the sunset on Lake Champlain.  From there, you can see the Adirondack Mountains in the distance – it’s just lovely.  Jeff took an amazing photo:

Sunset on Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont. Photo by Jeff Schneiderman.

Jeff is a professional wedding photographer and took a picture of me.  I usually avoid having my photo taken and hate all pictures of me, but I guess this one isn’t too bad (not a comment on Jeff’s skills – I’m talking about the subject!):

Christine Roberts taken by Jeff Schneiderman.

So, you can see why I loved my time in Vermont, and why I have to go back!

3 thoughts on “Fun in Vermont!

  1. Thank you so much for that quick getaway. I had a wonderful time! The campground was perfect. Everything we like to do was right at our fingertips. How lucky were we to get one of the only two pontoon boats that they rent? And on such a gorgeous day! Another memory for the book we should write. Im looking forward to our next adventure!!😘


  2. Loved reading about all of your fun times with friends!! Vermont was soooo beautiful!! And your picture was so beautiful too!!😘😘😘


  3. Thanks for sharing all your fun adventures and pictures, too. Vermont – so beautiful! And fun times with lifetime friends. Love the picture of you Jeff took, and the one on the boat. A natural beauty!


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