Summer Schedule

Summer is the perfect time to be in the northern climates, so I’ll be spending it in Pennsylvania, upstate New York and Vermont, researching both sides of my family.


Summer 2017 Route – goes from Bucks County (E), to F, G, H, I, J, and then Pittsburgh (B) and Butler, Ohio (C).

In my Spring Schedule post, I wrote about my plans for the month of June in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I’ll meet a second cousin for the first time, visit my parents’ and brothers’ grave and see their newly installed gravestone, research my mother’s extensive family in the area, and attend the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh the last week in June.

I’ll stay in Pittsburgh through the 4th of July, and then head up to the Rochester, New York area where I’ll visit with friends of my brother Jamie.   Jamie died in 2005 at the age of 44, unmarried, but with a passel of very dear friends, many of whom live in Rochester where my brother spent seventeen years of his life.  My father, Jamie and I all attended the University of Rochester, so the place has deeper family ties as well.  I’ll visit familiar places and enjoy the company of all the special people who also loved Jamie.  I’ll be staying at a state park campground on the shores of Lake Ontario for five days, so I’m planning to take a break from the research and enjoy some swimming!

On to Copenhagen in Lewis County, New York, researching my father’s family, the Goodenoughs and others.  My kids attended a Unitarian Universalist summer camp very near there for several years, so I know it’s a beautiful and remote area.  It’ll be fun imagining what it was like when my ancestors were among the first settlers there around 1800.

From there, I’ll head to Rutland County, Vermont, where I’ll stay for the last two weeks of July.  My father and Jamie researched the Goodenough line – but they only did the men!  The parents of one of the Goodenough wives came from this area of Vermont, so I’ll be researching the Abbotts, the Crouches, and the Jennings families there, back into the 1700’s.  I’ve NEVER been to Vermont in the summer, so I’m excited to see it!

Next, I’ll spend a month in the Albany area.  Both my maternal and paternal lines have numerous New York ancestors, and I’ve wanted to get to the New York State Archives in Albany for at least the last five years.  In addition to ancestors in other parts of the state on both lines, I’ve got a big brick wall on one of my mother’s lines in the Albany/Troy/Sarasota County area, so I’ll do local courthouse/town research as well as state-level research.

After Albany, I’m heading back to Pittsburgh for the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ annual conference.  It’s one I’ve wanted to attend for years, but never could work it in to the few weeks of vacation I had while working.  I formed the Bucks County Genealogical Society in 2012, so I’m very interested in learning best practices from other groups.  When I eventually settle down somewhere, I’m sure I’ll be active in my local society.

On Labor Day, I’ll head to Butler, Ohio for two weeks, which brings me to the end of summer.  My Dad’s ancestors were very early settlers and prominent citizens there.

In the fall, I’m generally traveling west, via Wisconsin, Illinois, and Missouri.  I’ll be in Arizona by Halloween – the map below is my planned route from April through October.  So much to look forward to – I’m excited about every single stop!

2017 Route April through October

2 thoughts on “Summer Schedule

  1. What an exciting, events, fun, family, friends, and research packed set of ventures ahead, Chris! Never a dull moment hearing about what you are up to and have planned, that is for sure! Looking forward to reading your posts along the way. So glad to learn you have stayed in touch with Jamie’s friends through the years. What an incredibly special, caring, creative, and special person he was, who touched the lives of so many. Safe travels and an early Happy Birthday!


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