Warmest Holiday Wishes to All!

I’m thinking very fondly of my family and friends during this holiday time.  No matter which holiday you celebrate, I hope you’re all in a warm happy place and enjoying your families!

I’m definitely in a warm happy place, but I greatly miss family members who are no longer with us, and that void is especially painful during the holiday season.  I know there are many of you feeling the same way as I do.

The five of us in the early 60's
The five of us in the early 60’s

It helps somewhat to be in a completely different place this year along with unfamiliar holiday decorations.  But there are so many moments when I flash on memories of my parents and my brothers:  my mother baking her apple pie, which we try in vain to duplicate; staying up until the wee hours with my brothers on Christmas Eve wrapping mountains of gifts;  my father lighting the fire on Christmas morning.  These memories bring tears.

Although it’s difficult to accept, those people and those days are gone.  I feel like the only way to get any peace about it is to allow the memories of the many happy times to bring smiles instead of sadness, and to focus on the present and the future instead of the past.  My family instilled in me my love of Christmas, and I bring that to my children and to this year’s holiday.

We’ve truly had an amazing week together!  Our riverfront cabin is charming and quite remote, so we feel surrounded by nature and definitely “away from it all”.

The view from the deck of our cabin
The view from the deck of our cabin

There’s no cell service and wifi access is unreliable.  So we’ve been watching movies, playing games, baking cookies and pies, group-cooking incredible meals, and generally having excellent quality time.  We made one outing to Steven’s Pass where we rode up the ski lift to enjoy the incredible mountain views.  Wowza!!

View from Steven's Pass ski area
View from Steven’s Pass ski area

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the day we have our Christmas dinner, which will be a turkey dinner like Thanksgiving. The double turkey was my family’s tradition, which I haven’t always followed with my own Christmases.  But this year, I didn’t get to cook at Thanksgiving, and we weren’t with the kids, either – so we’ll all enjoy our turkey and fixin’s!  And then of course my favorite time is Christmas morning….

From our family to yours, we wish you peace, joy and love!

Christmas Cabin Tree
Christmas Cabin Tree

5 thoughts on “Warmest Holiday Wishes to All!

  1. Great note Chris…….I felt everything you said about missing our parents and brothers who are gone too soon. I loved seeing your old family photo! Your tree is a happy one with the cardinal at the top…….Aunt MP is there with you all !!
    Love from us to yours!!


  2. Thanks for sharing your memories of your beloved mother and the rest of your family. Wishing you all the best in 2017. We look forward to following in your tracks again when winter ends!


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