Weather and the RV

I’m going to be in the RV in all kinds of weather.  Except for winter weather – I will absolutely avoid any freezing temperatures.  But then when I woke up this morning here in Cortland, New York, my thermometer said this:

Temperature in Marathon, New York, 11 Oct  2016.
Temperature in Marathon, New York, 11 Oct 2016.

The top is the outside temperature, and the bottom is the inside temperature.  I have an electric blanket so I was completely comfortable while sleeping – I had no idea it was that cold!

Then, I discovered there was no water – evidently the campground management had turned it off.  And that would be fine, except that I have little to no water in my fresh water tank.  The good news is that the water that’s in there isn’t frozen.   I turned the heater on in the rig, and in just a few minutes, it’s 57° in here, and I’m drinking a nice hot cup of coffee.  So, all is well!  I’ll see if the management is planning to turn the water back on, and if not, I’ll hit the road.

Back in early September, Eric sent me a link to a website which has First Frost maps, so I knew I was pushing it.  The area I’m in now usually gets its first frost between October 1st and October 10th, and here it is October 11th. I’m not sure what’s involved with winter camping (except being cold!!), but I don’t want to find out.  I check the weather every day, because it’s so critical to know, and I thought the temps were supposed to go down to 34°, so it’s just a little bit of a surprise that it’s below freezing.

So I’ve officially hit the full range of temperatures I expect to encounter.  I’ve learned that it’s ALWAYS warmer inside the RV than outside.  I’ve seen the difference be as much as 20°.  Yesterday, it was sunny and 50° outside,  while inside the RV, it was in the mid-60’s, just from the sun.  So today is the first time I’m using the heater!  I’ll turn it off shortly, though, because it’s supposed to go into the mid-60’s this afternoon, and it will get warmed up inside the RV quickly.  It will be a perfect day to go to the cemetery!

At the end of August and into September, there were many days in the 90’s, and humid.  The RV acts like a tin can in the sun – it gets exceptionally hot inside.  And if I’m cooking, it’s gets even warmer.  So, as much as I would prefer to keep all the windows open and enjoy the fresh air, it’s just impossible to be in the RV without air conditioning when it gets that hot.

I’ve also been in pouring rain, enough that the dirt roads of the campground became small creeks, large enough to make it challenging to navigate, even in a car.  The rain was really LOUD on the roof of the RV and when I first heard it, I couldn’t figure out what was happening!  It was so loud that it drowned out any other sounds.

The previous owner installed vent covers on the roof of my RV, which are really helpful with summer rains.  Eric’s rig doesn’t have them, so if he accidentally leaves his roof vents open, he’ll get water inside.  The covers on my vents allow the fresh air to get in, without allowing the water to get in.  I never would have thought of adding these, but I’m so glad I have them, because I ALWAYS prefer fresh air if possible.

Although I’ve now had the full range of temperatures, I’ve yet to experience a big storm, like a Nor’easter.  At one point I was concerned that the cone of Hurricane Matthew’s path might come too close for comfort.  RV’s are very vulnerable in those strong winds.

And I haven’t yet had a bad weather day coincide with a travel day.  That will be a challenge.  I would have to go outside and hook up the car, disconnect the water and electricity, etc. etc. in the rain.  I will not be able to hold an umbrella and work at the same time, so will need to wear rain gear.   And, part of hooking up the car involves getting on the ground to connect a cable to a hook underneath the car, which could really get down and dirty in the rain.  I might even need to plan on a shower and a complete change of clothes after the rig is all ready to go.  That’s all speculation but I’m sure it will one day happen!

My plan is to head down to Bucks County on Friday, but if I can’t get water, I’ll go earlier.  I haven’t finished my genealogical research here – I’ve barely started – so I’ll just have to plan to come back next year.  The temps in Bucks for the next week or so range from a low of 41° to a high of 74° – which will be terrific.  But it’s time to head further south very soon!

One thought on “Weather and the RV

  1. It’s so cute how you are ” excited ” to go to cemeteries!!! I get a kick out of that!!
    Stay warm…!!!
    Love Betsy!


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