Trip Planning – First Campground

I spent a lot of time over the summer, sitting with my computer late at night, planning where I wanted to go in the RV.  My travel plans are very much tied to my genealogical research, and the places where my ancestors lived.

I knew that I would need to stay locally at first, for a short while.  I would need time to make final preparations to get on the road, and to finish up whatever administrative items I had to take care of after the house sold.  As the time got closer and it was time to make reservations somewhere, Eric and I decided that it would be helpful for both of us to stay at the same local campground together, and that we should take a full month for this “shakedown” time.

We ended up coming to Pine Cone Resort in Freehold Township, NJ, which is east of Bucks County along 195, near Jackson.  We brought the rigs here three days before closing, and began living here so we could do the final clean-out of the house.  We arranged to stay a full month (which equals just four weeks) for $675 plus electricity.  This included water and electric hook-ups, and weekly pump-outs of our black and grey tanks (the black tank is another word for the toilet tank, and the gray tank is the water used for showers, dishes, etc.).

The decision to stay locally for a full month turned out to be a really wise decision.  We needed this time to make sure the RV’s are working properly (see post on RV Repairs), to make sure we have the supplies we need, and just in general to recover from the crazy summer and enjoy a few days of doing nothing.

After the “shakedown” period, my plan all along has been to make Washington County, Pennsylvania, my first stop.  Washington County is just south of Pittsburgh, and is the area where my mother was raised.  There is a cemetery in a small town there called Finleyville where my mother’s paternal family is all buried, back to her great-grandparents.   My plan is to bury the remains of my parents and my two brothers there as well.

Yes, I have the ashes of my family here in the RV with me.  And since I don’t want to carry them with me, and don’t want to put them in storage, it’s time to bury them, to put them to rest together, and to officially close that chapter of my life.  More on that in a later post.

Eric, in his true supportive fashion, has offered to go with me to Finleyville to bury my family.  He is headed out to Ohio anyway, so it’s on his way.  And I’m so glad that I don’t have to do it alone!

And, Eric suggested that we stop at Gettysburg on the way.  Neither of us has ever been there, but both have always wanted to go.  So we’ve reserved three nights at Artillery Ridge Campground at Gettysburg, and then we’ll head to a campground in Washington County, stopping at Shanksville (where Flight 93 went down on 9/11) for a couple of hours on the way.

Eric has a couple of ancestors, Confederate soldiers, who fought in the Battle of Gettysburg, one of whom was wounded and captured there.    So the tour of the site will have personal meaning as well.

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