One thing which was very frustrating during the initial days and weeks was the lack of connection to the internet.  The campground claimed to have wifi, but the strength of the signal was quite pathetic and not worth the trouble of using it.  I am a person who uses the internet constantly, so this was a real issue for me.

I called Verizon and they recommended a personal hotspot or jetpack which would give me 24 G’s of data per month.  The device is also known by the name “Mifi”.  So I ordered one.  I’ll report back on that once I’ve had a chance to try it out!

Update:  after a couple of weeks of frustration with Verizon getting my data plan updated, I did finally get the jetpak working, and I have to say that it’s nothing less than awesome! It’s expensive – it adds $80/month to my Verizon bill – but it’s completely worth it!

I did have a panic attack initially when I plugged in the Mifi and within an hour it had used 2 G’s of data – even though I wasn’t on the internet at all!  At that rate, I would run through 24 G’s in a flash.  After a call to Verizon, I learned that even when you don’t have your internet browser open, the laptop is still doing background tasks, updates, etc. which use data.  So I googled that – and learned about all the “data hogs” in the apps on the laptop which need to be turned off.  The most important one is to flip a toggle switch which tells Windows that your internet connection is metered – that way, the computer has to check with you before doing a Windows update.

In the RV World, the mobile internet experts are a couple doing business by the name “Technomadia”.  They wrote a book, which I have, explaining all about connectivity on the road.  They recently did a blog update about this new Verizon plan which they have purchased – and I was very pleased to see that it’s the same one I have.

I’m extremely happy with my jetpack!

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