Small in the Kitchen

The kitchen area in my 2004 Coachmen Freelander 2600 SO.

I’m learning that not only do I need to limit the quantity of items I carry in the RV, I have to limit the size of certain items.

The container of parmesan cheese and the jar of minced garlic that I brought from my home refrigerator absolutely don’t fit in the RV’s refrigerator.  Same with the mayonnaise jar.  I need to buy smaller containers.  I always bought the large size Oatmeal, but now need to buy the small.

Someone asked me if the fridge would hold a week’s worth of groceries.  I guess it depends on what you need.  It’s not going to fit a gallon of milk.

I didn’t bring my coffee maker from home – I donated it to Goodwill.  I bought a very small device that makes a one-cup French press coffee.  It’s not bad, but I find that it’s not strong enough.  So I decided to buy a small coffee maker, and after much looking, bought an 8 cup French press. I’m not completely happy with it, but it’s small.

At home, I always had a 2 quart pitcher of iced tea in the fridge.  That container doesn’t fit in this little fridge. And I usually have a 2 liter wine bottle in the fridge, which also doesn’t fit!

I haven’t yet tried to adjust the shelves – there is one shelf with an opening in it, so taller items can be put below.  Probably I can fit one item there – either the tea or the wine, but not both.  I have to work it out.  Meanwhile, I’m putting a regular size bottle of wine on its side on a shelf, and purchasing Snapple bottles which fit on the refrigerator door.

I usually eat a banana every day, but that’s not really working.  Any bananas left out, in a fruit bowl on the counter, for example, attract those little fruit flies a LOT sooner than in the house.  Putting bananas in the fridge turns them brown.

I have one small drawer for silverware, and one small drawer for cooking utensils. You can see the drawers in the picture – the little ones under the sink, one on top of the other.  Well, in the first few days, I was making dinner, and opened the silverware drawer.  Something was stuck and I couldn’t fully open it, so I gave it a little tug.  BIG MISTAKE!!  The drawer came completely out, and the back edge of the drawer fell directly on my big toe.  Can you imagine the pain?  I considered posting a picture of the toe, but decided it was too repulsive.  Suffice it to say that it’s a glorious rainbow of bright blue, purple and orange, and certainly on its way to turning black and falling off.  Lesson learned.

Lots of adjustments all the way around!

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