His and Hers RVs!

Did you ever have the strong feeling that things are working out exactly as they were meant to work out?  That’s how I feel about this transition in my life.  I desperately wanted to sell my house in 2015 and move on with my life.  I listed the house in April, and by November, I was beside myself with frustration, knowing I would have to spend another winter there, and then who knew how many more?

Well, I am convinced that the timing of it was all meant to be, and mostly because of the way Eric and I have been able to help each other.

On a parallel track, Eric has been going through his own life transition.  He’s five years older than I am, and he had for many years planned to retire when he was 65, and travel the U.S. full time in an RV.  Proceeding on his path, he put his house on the market in early spring of 2016, and closed on his house and retired by May.  He planned to do some traveling internationally before buying an RV, so asked me if he could use my house as a home base during the time he was traveling.  He moved in to my house in May of 2016, and I received the offer on my house in June.

I really have no idea what I would have done this summer without Eric.  He immediately put his own plans on hold, and became my partner in packing up the house, buying our RV’s, and strategizing everything from how we would receive our mail while traveling, to how we would get the oil-based paint from the house to the hazardous waste drop off on the correct day. There were a million details over almost three months that we worked through together, some of which of course involved our children’s items.

All of Eric’s contributions have been huge, but his help with buying my RV was probably the biggest, on the “what would I do without him” scale. I didn’t even know how to drive it, much less evaluate it for purchase. Eric rented a car and took two full days with me to drive 7 hours to Buffalo, NY and back to buy it.

What a coincidence that Eric and I both sold our homes, retired, and bought an RV in the same year!  How terrific that we can support each other and go through the same transition independently, but together!

I really think it was all meant to be.  The timing has worked out too perfectly.

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