Eric – my Brother, my Ex

I realize that I’ve mentioned Eric in this blog many times, without really explaining who he is.  They say that relationships are complicated, but our relationship is not complicated at all – it’s just explaining it to other people which makes it complicated.

The four of us in May 2016

Eric Roberts is my ex-husband, the father of my children, and one of my best friends.  Actually, he is more than just a friend – he is very much my family and I love him like a brother.  In round numbers, we were married for ten years and have been divorced for twenty years.

Our relationship since our divorce has always been congenial.  We have spent holidays together with the kids and extended family over the years.  Birthday parties and graduations have been joint celebrations, and Eric has always been included in any of our family gatherings.  In the past few years, Eric and I and one or both of the kids have gone on vacation together, or Eric and I have traveled together to visit one of the kids.  We are perfectly comfortable staying in a hotel room together, just the same as if we were brother and sister.

When Eric slipped on the ice one winter and suffered a concussion and hematoma, I took a week off work to stay with him in the hospital.

When my brother Chuck was sick and dying, Eric was absolutely my rock, and was a great comfort to Chuck as well.  When I brought Chuck here from California so I could care for him, Eric paid for us to take a limo to my house from the Philadelphia airport.  For weeks on end, I would sit with Chuck all day in the hospital, and Eric would come at 6 pm to relieve me and do the night shift, staying with Chuck until midnight, or whatever was necessary.  Eric took Chuck to numerous doctor appointments to help reduce the number of days I had to take off work, and Eric was the one to take Chuck’s kids over to hospice for their final visit with their Dad.

Eric was there when my mother died, and managed the coordination with the undertaker when I just couldn’t handle it.

SO, Eric is my surrogate brother, and we’ve recently decided to tell people we meet that we’re siblings, just to avoid the need to explain the relationship!

House is Under Contract

Finally, my house is under contract and all of this planning angst will become a reality.  Closing is set for August 19th – that seems so soon! After all the months of pondering, it finally became clear that the best course for me will be to live in an RV and let the dust settle for a while.

Living in an RV for a while is a perfect fit for me: it meets my need for complete freedom to go wherever I want to go, I can research my family history to my heart’s content without spending a fortune on travel, and I can enjoy the outdoors and all the majesty of Mother Nature.

After so many years of working in a windowless office, and countless glorious mornings wishing I could spend the day outside instead of at work, I can hardly believe it’s actually happening.  I’m feeling very overwhelmed about it.

One step at a time.

My 21 year old son has decided to move out to Seattle at the end of June to be near his older sister.  I’m delighted about this and especially glad that the two kids will be together – they will be able to look out for each other.  And it sure makes it easier to visit them if I just need to go to one place.  Seattle is a stunningly beautiful area – maybe I’ll end up there myself!

With Kyle’s decision made, I realize that I will have no kids, no house, no mortgage, no spouse, no pets – nothing to keep me here except for my job, and everything is pointing to ending that as well.  It’s time to go!!